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White Wood

Introducing to you  "White Wood", a new marble from Greece with beautiful and unique characteristics!

It's delicate lines are similar to those of the wood, so we got inspired to give this name to the material.  It can be applied to the most demanding projects and applications


It has superior physical-mechanical properties!


It's chemical composition is 98% Calcite, 1% Quartz and 1% Dolomite.

Specific weight is 2720 Kg/m3. It has one of the lowest absorbency between marbles  (0,02Wf%). Compression Strength is at 990 Kg/cm2 while the Modulus of rupture is 207 Kg/cm2 and the modulus of elasticity 565,6tn/cm2. The Abrasion resistance is 6,94mm (after 1000m) and the Micro-hardness KNOOP 134,10Kg/mm2.


The polishing of the material is really unique, but when brushed it gets a  beautiful leather finish! 
On the floor it gives a unique result with many pattern options!


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